Acura MDX Steering Rack

Replaces 2001–2006 Remanufactured Acura MDX Steering Racks matching OEM Part #53601-S3V-A02 and #06536-S3V-505RM. Please select the Model Year of your Acura MDX from the dropdown menu below to guarantee exact fitment, then select Warranty options to Checkout.

  • Remanufactured 2003-2006 Acura MDX Steering Rack and Pinion Gear Box
    2003–2006 ACURA MDX
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  • Remanufactured 2001-2002 Acura MDX Power Steering Rack and Pinion Gear Box
    2001–2002 ACURA MDX
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Unlike other Auto Parts, the Acura MDX Steering Rack and Pinion isn’t usually serviceable on-site by a mechanic. It must be removed and replaced. Why? Common problems reported by Acura MDX owners are fluid leaks and noisy squeaks caused by worn out or deformed internal Seals that cannot be replaced until the Gear Assembly has been removed from the vehicle. SteeringPros, LLC replaces these Inner Tie Rods, Seals, and all other unusable components per our Reconditioning Process. Afterwards, the Steering Rack is reassembled and tested using a computerized simulator that outputs hydraulic pressure levels to OEM specifications.

  • OEM Core
  • Tested for Quality
  • Rebuilt in the U.S.A.
  • 24-Month Parts Warranty
  • New Seals
  • New Inner Tie Rods + Boots
  • Optional Labor Warranty ($80)
  • Avail. Bored, Honed & Sleeved
  • 30 Day Returns
  • FREE UPS® Ground
  • UPS® 2-Day Air ($60)
  • UPS® Next Day Air ($90)


2006 Acura MDX PREM, TOUR, NAV 53601S3VA02 / 53601-S3V-A02 MDX-2006
2005 Acura MDX PREM, TOUR, NAV 53601S3VA02 / 53601-S3V-A02 MDX-2005
2004 Acura MDX PREM, TOUR, NAV 53601S3VA02 / 53601-S3V-A02 MDX-2004
2003 Acura MDX PREM, TOUR, NAV 53601S3VA02 / 53601-S3V-A02 MDX-2003
2002 Acura MDX STD, PREM, NAV 06536S3V505RM / 06536-S3V-505RM MDX-2002
2001 Acura MDX STD, PREM, NAV 06536S3V505RM / 06536-S3V-505RM MDX-2001
  • 2006 PREM, TOUR, NAV Models
  • 2005 PREM, TOUR, NAV Models
  • 2004 PREM, TOUR, NAV Models
  • 2003 PREM, TOUR, NAV Models
  • 2002 STD, PREM, NAV Models
  • 2001 STD, PREM, NAV Models

Warranty Info

Every Part sold on this Site is covered by a Limited Parts Warranty: 24-Months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. An optional 24-Month Labor Guarantee ($80) is available to qualified automotive professionals, which can help pay towing and labor expenses up to $400. You must select this option at the time of purchase as it cannot be added to the order at a later date. This feature is exclusive to qualified Repair Shops (e.g. Dealerships and ASE® Certified Repair Shops) and must be approved at the time of processing. Further, Warranty replacements are subject to approval and we reserve the right to send an independent, third-party inspector to verify that a failure has actually occurred. Replacement Parts are sent UPS® Ground. Repair Shops that opt for the Labor Guarantee will have their Parts delivered via UPS® 2-Day Air at no extra charge.

Technical Notes requires that you follow all factory procedures for replacing the Hydraulic Steering Gear Box — which may require a full flush of the P/S System with an approved solvent to remove debris — as well as introducing a new component into the Controller Area Network (‘CAN bus’) system and Engine Control Unit (‘ECU’) module or the Warranty will be void. While a 4-wheel alignment or toe adjust is not required after installation, the Tie Rod Boots must be straightened or the Parts Warranty will be void.

  • 2003–2006 PREM, TOUR, NAV Models: Hydraulic Power Steering Rack interchanges with Acura OEM #53601S3VA02 / 53601-S3V-A02.
  • 2001–2002 STD, PREM Models: Hydraulic Power Steering Rack interchanges with Acura OEM #06536S3V505RM / 06536-S3V-505RM, and replaces obsolete Part #53600-S3V-A00RM, #53600-S3V-A01RM and #53601-S3V-A01RM.

Hydraulic Racks use Genuine Honda PSF #08206-9002 available at your local Dealership. Acura cautions vehicle owners to “always use Honda Power Steering Fluid. You may use another Power Steering Fluid as an emergency replacement, but have the Power Steering System flushed and refilled with Honda PSF as soon as possible.” We also require that OEM (Genuine) Honda PSF is used or the Warranty will be void.

Acura MDX Steering Gear FAQ


A: Every product sold by includes FREE UPS® Ground + prepaid RS for the Core. Please allow 2–4 business days for delivery. The fee to upgrade the shipping method to UPS® 3-Day Select is $30, UPS® 2-Day Delivery is $60, and UPS® Next Day Air (‘Overnight’) is $90. All orders received by 3:00 PM ET ship same-day. Orders submitted after 3:00 PM will process the following business day (excludes weekends and holidays). If you are having trouble with your order or prefer to purchase by phone, call us at (800) 385–3690.


A: All of our Steering Racks are sourced from various machine shops in the U.S.A. and include the Inner Tie Rods and Boots. Remanufactured Original Equipment (‘OEM’) Cores that are identical in fit and quality compared to a new Part, and meet or exceed the OEM manufacturer’s specifications. Depending upon the delivery address, each product may be shipped from Baltimore, Chicago, Las Vegas, or San Diego to save on freight costs and shorten delivery times.


A: There are 2 SKUs available for 2001–2006 Acura MDX Steering Gears, depending on the Model Year. Select your vehicle’s Model Year from the dropdown menu above to guarantee the exact fitment. If you need to confirm the exact Year / Make / Model of your vehicle, use this Free VIN Decoder.

Prior to installing this Part, we strongly recommend that you compare it to the OEM Part. Look closely for any variations or discrepancies. While we do make every effort to reduce the occurrence of mislabeled shipments, it is common sense to verify the product you receive is an exact copy of the original component. Installation of the Part will render it used and ineligible for a full refund per our Terms & Conditions.


A: Common issues reported by Acura MDX owners include:

  • Lack of Assist — The wheel turns easily in one direction, but with difficulty in the opposite direction. The steering wheel may also have trouble returning to center.
  • Fluid Leaks — Worn out or deformed Seals may cause the Steering Rack to leak P/S fluid from the Pinion Tower or Bellows.
  • Wandering — The wheel requires frequent adjustment to drive straight down the road.
  • Loud Noises — Clunking sounds while turning or driving over speed bumps.
  • Vibration — Jerkiness or “loose” feeling due to excessive play.

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Our Acura MDX Steering Racks don’t give a lot of fuss—they just perform. Our products are an exact fit compared to the OEM Part, and we’ve simplified the Checkout process so that you can spend more time focused on the repair and less time online. Click ‘Select Options’ to choose Model Year and Labor Warranty and Checkout. Orders process same-day if placed by 3:00 PM ET.


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