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Last Updated: 22 June 2017

Read Carefully Before Ordering

Read carefully before placing an order, as doing so constitutes an acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. If you have unanswered questions or concerns, please Contact Us from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday–Friday. Returning customers are subject to the most recent version of these policies. NOTE: Orders placed before June 21, 2017, retain their 2-Year Parts Warranty. Orders placed after June 22, 2017, are limited to a 12-Month Parts Warranty.


SteeringPros.com pledges to be fair and honest in all aspects of its business dealings. We pledge to meet our commitments and responsibilities on-time. Our door is always open for communication and exchange of ideas, and we will work hard so that satisfied customers are all we ever have. Please Call Us or Email Us if you have concerns about our commitment to marketplace ethics.


This Site has two areas which collect personal information — various newsletter subscription popups or contact forms, and orders for Parts and/or Services. The first is our newsletter, which is strictly opt-in and requires only an email address. All other information is voluntary. Your email and all other details provided will not be used for any reason except to send monthly promotions, and you may unsubscribe any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each mailer.

The second area where voluntary personal information is collected is when an inquiry is made regarding our Parts and/or Services. Upon becoming a client, we will gather your name, address, email, and phone number. We maintain this information in a contact manager (‘CRM’), email clients (‘MadMimi’) and accounting software, and it is protected by a firewall. We pledge never to share your personal or payment information with anyone except trusted third-parties with whom it is necessary for us to do business. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more.


Our computers and servers are kept behind a firewall. Any information collected that should remain private (e.g. credit card numbers) is either shredded or stored in an encrypted file. Additionally, Steering Pros LLC employs SSL/TLS encryption so that all web pages and information submitted are secure.

Order Accuracy

We make every effort to ensure order accuracy. However, the customer is ultimately responsible for choosing the correct fitment based on application (Year / Make / Model / Trim). Links to a Free VIN Decoder is included in every Parts Description. To assist in identifying the correct product, we may also include additional information such as engine size, Rack type, MSRP and OEM Numbers. We cannot guarantee that this information is current or accurate. Therefore, SteeringPros.com strongly encourages you to review all product details carefully prior to placing the order. Delays or fees that result from ordering and/or installing the wrong Part will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

MARCH 2017 UPDATE — SteeringPros.com now requires the VIN and Actual Mileage to be included with all orders at Checkout. No exceptions.

Third Party Services

Any recommendation of third-party products and services such as Wholesalers, Rebuilders or Repair Shops, should be taken as a subjective opinion. We refuse any responsibility for the quality, reliability or any other aspect of any product or service purchased from a third-party based on our recommendation. Steering Pros LLC further indemnifies itself from any delay or dispute that may arise because of our logistics partner(s). This includes damaged or stolen packages as the delivery of our Parts is out of our control.


Your order must be prepaid or it will not be processed for delivery. Accepted methods of payment are PayPal or Credit Card. Credit Card transactions are processed through the Stripe API and none of the card information is stored on this Site.

Parts Warranty

We want you to be completely satisfied and confident with your purchase, which is why we include a 12-Month Parts Warranty on all products sold on this Site. A 12-Month Labor Guarantee (add $100) is available to ASE® certified automotive professionals. Some restrictions apply. Please reference our Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding the Parts Warranty process. NOTE: We are unable guarantee turnaround service times for R&R orders. On average, the remanufacture process takes 3–5 business days to complete.

Refund Policy

Canceled orders require compensation for incurred costs and other related obligations. Due to the speed of our processing, any order canceled after 4:00 PM ET will have a fee of fifteen percent (15%) charged against the total invoice. Unused / uninstalled products may be returned within thirty (30) days of the order date, but a “Restocking Fee” of twenty percent (20%) of the total invoice will be deducted from the refund.

Absolutely NO RETURNS on installed Parts.

Defective Units

We have averaged a 2% defective rate since 2015. While failure is not impossible, we’ve undertaken extraordinary steps to insure that our Steering Racks are the most reliable in the marketplace. In the event of failure, Steering Pros LLC reserves the right to contact the Repair Shop, request a thorough diagnosis, send third-party Inspectors (if necessary), and replace the defective unit with another Rack from our inventory. If we cannot source another OEM Core for remanufacture, we may request to R&R the defective unit at our expense. Refunds for defective units are exceedingly rare, never guaranteed, and must be approved by Management. Placing an order from this website signifies an acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.


By requesting our Parts and/or Services, you agree to hold harmless Steering Pros, LLC from any and all loss, expense, and damages on all manner of claims, demands, actions and proceeding that may be instituted against the Company for any reason. Customers that opt for our 24-Month Labor Warranty are excluded from requesting reimbursement of Labor expenses, but the total amount eligible for reimbursement regardless of circumstances is $400 maximum per occurrence.


We assume no responsibility for delays caused by our logistics partner (UPS®) or any loss in revenue that results from failure to receive the product on time. Your order may arrive late due to unforeseen delays such as the breakdown of equipment or severe weather, etc. Cancelations that occur as a result of a poor delivery experience will be referred to our Refund Policy.

Core Deposits

We charge a “Core Deposit” at Checkout to ensure prompt return of the Core. The amount of the Core Deposit varies based on the replacement value of the Core. Our business depends on the rapid turnaround of these Cores, so we include a prepaid Return Service (‘RS’) label with every order. Collection efforts begin at two (2) weeks for Steering Racks and four (4) weeks for Gearboxes. On rare occasions, we may not require the Core to be returned at all — in which case we’ll notify the purchaser and refund the Core Deposit immediately. Please allow 5–7 business days for the refund to post to your Credit / Debit account. Reference our Core Return Guide for more details.

Please read carefully before placing an order, as doing so constitutes an acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

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